Outsourcing For Accountants

Would it be a welcome relief for you to outsource your payroll?

Man with head in hands next to large pile of paper

We recognise that providing a Payroll Service goes hand in hand with Accountancy Services, but often, providing that service can be an extra burden for accountants. With increasing legislation, RTI, and Auto Enrolment now affecting smaller employers the workload is increasing and payroll has become an area of expertise in its own right.

Our service can relieve you of that burden, whilst you can still keep your clients close to you and still receive revenues for the payroll element of your service package. Meanwhile, your time is freed up to concentrate on your core services.

We have an ever growing number of accountants who are finding that using our service is working out really well for them.

We will tailor the service to suit you, but it usually works in 2 ways:

  1. Your client deals only with you, and we perform the service in the background, without the client being aware.
  2. We have a direct relationship with your client, as your payroll partner, (this relieves you of information transfer and handling of queries etc), but you invoice the client, so that you can decide what mark up to add to the payroll fee.

See what a few of our clients have to say.

"Since I was introduced to E-Payroll Solutions during 2012 I have never had any reservations. They have an expertise that immediately gives clients confidence. They are always up-to-date with changes in legislation, such as Real Time Information, Auto Enrolment and the Construction Industry Scheme. They perform the work quickly and are happy to contact HMRC directly to resolve issues should the need arise.

The feedback that I have received has been entirely positive; I am told that E-Payroll Solutions are easy to contact, perform complex calculations without fuss and always deliver the payrolls on time.

I have no hesitation in recommending E-Payroll Solutions for payroll work."

A Smith - 3 Sixty Accountancy

"I am a Chartered Accountant and started my own business in 2012.  I needed a specialist to deal with my payroll and those of my clients and approached Sarah Santoro of e-payroll solutions to deal with these for me.

I must say that I have been delighted with the service that I have been given.  Sarah is just a phone call or email away and I can rely on her to deal with everything for me or my clients in expert fashion.  I have had nothing but praise from my clients and would recommend Sarah to any of them."

John Smith - Somerdown Accountancy Services Ltd