Are you a contractor working in the Construction Industry? – You may need our help.

Contractors working in the Construction Industry have an obligation to operate within the “Construction Industry Scheme”

This requires that you :-

  • register with HMRC for CIS

  • check the payment status of your subcontractors before you pay them

  • submit reports to HMRC each month by a certain date.

  • pay HMRC the tax that you have deducted from your subcontractors’ payments

  • provide subcontractors with statements showing payments made and deductions from them

For an affordable fee. Let us handle all this for you!


Do you have Directors who need to be paid through PAYE?

If you run CIS through us we offer a reduced rate Payroll for Directors


Being able to delegate our payroll and CIS is priceless to our company. It's removes all stress and worry. The service E-Payroll solutions provides is efficient, speedy and accurate. They are extremely knowledgeable and are always happy to help.

V Chick
Office Manager
S Smith Plant Ltd

"Fantastic from the start"

E-Payroll solutions have been fantastic from the start. They helped with everything from our CIS registration, to developing a system to suit our business and relieving us of the work involved in running our CIS and Payroll. They are always on time with the figures and accurate and are a wealth of knowledge, helping us with whatever query of situation we come across. We would wholeheartedly recommend them.

J Castelo Decorating