Auto Enrolment

What It Means For You

Auto Enrolment, Automatic Enrolment, Workplace Pensions, whichever way you say it, it always adds up to a headache for employers.

Auto Enrolment is the government legislation that means that all employers have to offer a workplace pension to their employees and contribute to it.

Along with this comes an expanse of legislation, legal requirements and deadlines, meaning that it is very difficult for employers to handle alone.

Our Auto Enrolment Solution can relieve you of all of the administrative burden and the worry of fines turning up at the office doorstep.

It dovetails perfectly with, and makes the most sense, as part of the payroll process.

Open Enrol and E-Payslips

Included in our Solution at no extra charge to you, is the option to choose the fantastic cloud based portal “Open Enrol” and “E-Payslips” as your platform to produce payslips and auto enrolment communications. Each employee has a secure account through which they can access all of their full history of payslips, P60’s and Pension communications. Please let us know if you would like more information on these options. 

We are members of CIPP Friends Of Automatic Enrolment so that we keep up to date with all the latest info and legislation.

Our Solution

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E-Payroll Solutions offers a comprehensive management of your auto enrolment pension scheme. You can have the peace of mind that the many legislative responsibilities and deadlines are all being cared for and dealt with by us. 

  • We can set up your pension scheme for you (charged separately)

  • Make your Declaration Of Compliance to The Pension Regulator

  • Assess your workforce each month to establish entitled workers and eligible workers. 

  • We handle the legal communications to your employees on your behalf. 

  • We handle opt in’s and opt outs for your employees. 

  • We will calculate the employee and employer pension deductions and put through the payroll, showing the deductions on the payslips. 

  • We will produce a pension file which we will upload to your pension provider. 

  • We will inform you of the amounts due and when to pay.

  • We will keep an audit trail of all activities and communications to employees on your behalf, thereby fulfilling your legal obligation as an employer.